Build A Storage Shed For Your Firewood

By | November 27, 2017

A fireplace is a wonderful comfort to have on wet and cold winter days. Watching the flames flicker can be a very soothing experience. Do you have a fireplace in your home? Have you not been using it because you couldn’t keep the wood dry for burning in winter? You need to get yourself some firewood shed plans and build a storage shed for your firewood.

A lot of people with fireplaces in their homes don’t use it because the either find the price of wood too high in winter or they just don’t have the place to store the firewood so that it will stay dry during winter. It is very easy to get firewood. There are a lot of people who sell firewood from the back of their pickup trucks or even place ads in the paper. Once you start asking around it’s not that hard to get the right kind of firewood at the best price.

The trick is to buy the wood during summer when wood is cheap and store it so that it dries of completely and is ready to burn in winter.

Don’t think you can get away without building storage shed for your firewood by simply stacking the firewood up in your garage or out in your backyard. Once it rains or snows, it will completely ruin the wood by making it moist and causing it to rot and by the time winter comes the wood won’t be in any condition to burn.

Building a shed for storing firewood is not that difficult. All you need is a three wall structure with a roof and a floor of timber blocks covered with plastic sheathing to keep the moisture from the ground out. Place the wooden blocks loosely and separated to allow for enough ventilation. This will prevent the wood from developing rot.

It is necessary to have the right firewood shed plans before you start construction. The blueprints will come with the list of materials need for construction and you can take them to the local lumber yard and figure out the cost of building the shed. Make sure you go to many lumber yards and compare prices before you decide on buying the wood for constructing the shed. This will allow you to get the best bargain price.